The cat…meow.
I have never had any major mishaps as a baby like most babies do . The reason being I found it a struggle to move around because I couldn’t carry my own weight around(Look at the picture for proof). So, all I did was sit in one place and play. I never gave a reason for any mishap to occur. I know many mothers would love a baby like that.

After I grew a little older and my baby fat was lost after I started schooling, I have had my share of mishaps. One such episode is still very fresh in my mind.  I was five years old then  and used to come back home in the afternoon. My mum would then serve me lunch and  go in for her afternoon nap . There was no point of her waiting for me to finish my lunch since I would take a minimum of 3hrs to finish my food. I have been a troublesome child when it came to eating. So, on that fateful day, she served me Peas Pulav and went in for her nap.  

I sat in front of the TV, eating very slowly like I always did. Then , curiosity struck and I decided to measure the size of my nostrils. I looked around and found the pea to be the perfect tool for the task . I put the pea into one of my nostrils  and found it to be a perfect fit. I tried removing it when I realized it was time for my mum to wake up and she would scold me for doing such a thing. Then came the dreaded moment, the pea was stuck . Due to my breathing, I had pushed the pea further up my nose. When my mum woke up and came to me, she found that there was something fishy by the way I was acting. On enquiring, I blurted out the incident and she grew panicky. She tried all measures to remove the pea but all her efforts failed. The sneeze never came nor did I cough. I could still breathe with one nostril but after sometime I started feeling a little breathless, more so because of the fear of dying young. Finally, my mother took me to my neighbour’s house and the pea was finally removed after a lot of efforts.  
From that day onwards, I swore to myself that I would never experiment such a thing on myself or on others. I have been pretty harmless since then.



11 comments on “Curiosity killed the cat. Well, almost!!!”

  1. Ch, curiosity could have, literally, killed the cat. But, know what? You are not a loner when it comes to such experiments, specially in childhood. Yours truly, has been the reason of so many disasters, already. 😛

  2. @ Arjit: Ha ha ha..I hope you have not been part of any major disaster 🙂 Would love to know about the disasters though:)@ Sunita: Thanks Sunita:) Yeah I was cute and lazy to the core:)

  3. Haww, cheater cock! You used the same picture twice! Hame ullu bana rahe ho? and as far as pea puluao is concerned, did you ever try eating it again? :PAnd one more question. Why would you go to your neighbour if a pea is stuck in your nose? I would have probably gone to a doctor! (now don't tell me your neighbour is a doctor!)

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