It has been long since I last posted. This is one line you will find in most of my posts. Kya karoon..majboori hain.

I have been suffering from Rhinorrhea  from past few days. Does it ring a bell? Yes? No? Arrey kuch toh bolo. It is not something where the doctor will come and tell you with a sad face, “ I am sorry. Aap kuch hi  dino ki mehmaan hain.” Instead he might tell his son or daughter, “ Dekho beta, joker ka naakh aisa hi hota hain.” Ok, enough of this scientific melodrama. I am suffering from common cold and I think it is way too common nowadays, much against my liking. Achooo…sorry.

Bangalore weather is fluctuating so badly. I think Suryadev, Vayudev and Varundev need to come into a consensus as to who is going to make their presence felt here in November. It looks like they are fighting it out to make their presence felt and poor me is suffering because of their indecision. Why does the common man have to suffer..always? Nah..just another clichéd line. Cold thodi bedbhaav karke aata hain. My posts are turning to be in Hinglish the way, is there a term called Hinglish or am I making my own vocabulary. I wonder why I tend to talk in Hindi since my mother tongue is Kannada and that too Havyak Kannada. Maybe 3 years in Agra left its mark. I love the Hindi language. I truly do. Again, I deviated from the topic. Now that is me. Good to see that I am still me. Pat on my back.

Coming back to my current state, I hate suffering from cold, not that anyone would love suffering from it. I think it is the most disgusting things one can suffer from. If I had an option, I would have chosen fever over cold. I hate having running nose, watering eyes and sneezing. Why couldn’t God have provided me with two noses, one just for keepsake and replaceable when I am suffering from this stupid cold. Achooo..achoo..achooo. I am tired of carrying 3 hankies and 2 packets of tissues everyday. I hope it to end soon. I feel like a red nosed monkey with this cold!! Achooo..achoo..achoo.

This is it. I am ending this nonsense post. But, why did I post this in the first place?!?!?!? Hmm..kya pata. Ab yahi post karne ka mann tha..toh mann ki sun li maine.



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  1. I count total of 7 Achoo's .. So here we go:Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Bless you.Thank God for Ctrl+C Ctrl +VWas that 7 Bless you's ? .. Guess not.. anyways.. few more for the coming up one's.P.S. – I loved this post. I like it when someone posts about completely random unrelated stuff in a single post 😀 ..P.P.S. – I like it coz I always do that.P.P.P.S – Having cold is so awesome.. Everyone else around you is grossed out. So no one at work would come and irritate you, or pester you with more work..P.P.P.P.S – And you see someone coming with more work. Just make sure to Do another Long…. Messy …Achoo.. in their Direction.Cheers,Shrijeet

  2. @ Shrijeet : How do you manage to make me laugh with your comments? I can't even do that with my posts you know 🙁 Having cold is awesome eh? You are weird dude :)I am surely going to post something with all your comments one day 🙂

  3. I KNOW RIGHT !!!The number of Words I waste on such ENLIGHTENING comments. If only I wrote such long (mostly senseless) sentences on my own blog, I would have sooo many more posts..BTW If you post something with my comments, what's the Copyright Situation on that ? 😛 ..Can I sue you for some kind of Infringement for Millions of Dollars ? :DCheers,Shrijeet

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