Does it happen to you that you wish for an apple and end up with a tomato? Do your wishes backfire? Mine do.
  • I, sometime back, had wished for fever instead of cold.  What happened? I ended up with both cold and fever. I know it was a stupid wish to ask for but running nose can be frustrating sometimes!
  • The other time, I had wished I could forget a few things in life and remain calm and peaceful. What did I forget? My E-mail account’s password and the security question.

I think my wishes are jinxed. I always ask for something , end up with the wish granted but with a twist. Can someone help?


9 comments on “Misinterpreted Wishes…”

  1. lol yes.. u should understand if u ask for fever..obv fever is a mechanism to protect ur body rite ?? so u will have something to cause the fever.. and what is wrong with the second one.. u asked for peace and u got it : P:P :Pits simple.. don't ask.. just thank.. and tell Him to let His will happen in your life.. 🙂 🙂

  2. what is this? I was asking for illness too >:< why would I and why would you too? there are sometimes when we need reasons to be left alone, no?And, why am I not getting your feeds? :'( I hate google…….!!

  3. @ Shrijeet: On your request, I will experiment on the same and report back to you Mr. Analyst:p@ Sunita: Yeah stupid me. Abhi toh computer ke saamne baithna has become such a problem. Poora nauseatic feeling but I can't keep myself away for long :D@ Zephyr: True. I have realized that. I am going to do what He wants me to do and enjoy the little intricacies life has to offer 🙂

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