Guys and girls…I have some news for you. Do you remember the yellow faced BowTie:) ? They are back !!

Disclaimer: They are my babies who have disowned me as their creator. 🙁


12 comments on “BowTie:) are back !!!!”

  1. When I first read your tweet about bowtie reincarnation ,I supposed you were drunk! Now I get, what you meant by bowtie ! 🙂 BTW what's the last line(disclaimer) supposed to mean?

  2. was something which had its own fan following sometime back and then I lost my posts on that blog, hence kept it in an inactive mode.Oh and about the disclaimer, I am their creator but they claim to be entities on their own and they seem to be controlling me to work for them, just, like the white mice in Hitchhiker's guide 😀

  3. Well..I reincarnated this blog. So, I have lost all my previous posts. But, you are welcome to send your suggestions and BowTie conversations. I will put them and give you the credit for the idea 🙂 Am open to it 🙂

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