As I sit here looking outside the window, I see the raindrops on the green grass. I look at them with more intent, urging them to tell me their story.

Do they have a story? A story of being a raindrop? They seem happy. I ask them, “Are you not afraid? In a matter of few seconds, you will be gone.” They look at me and say, “That is the reason we are happy. Happy till we are gone.”


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  1. Remember me writing about haikus? And see already the number of goody-goody comments you've got! Damn! I am so right every time! Can you believe it I am saying that? 'cos only today I got scolded for being blunt ! clearly one or two scoldings like these wouldn't set me back from poaching the innocent people 😀 😀

  2. Haikus are for intellects, I am a nobody 🙂 So modest of me :p Btw, I have never understood what haikus are. I have read some and liked some only based on my thinking of what they might let me tell you how I wrote this post. I was sitting and thinking of writing about something else. Then, it rained and looking out of the window, I wrote this 😀 This is how I pass time here :(Being blunt is good. So, enjoy the time till you can remain blunt. 🙂

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