There are some days in our lives when we are more introspective than we are on other days. For me, today proved to be one such day. 
It has been four months since we moved out of India. I spend a lot of time here, alone, thinking of endless possibilities, both positive and negative. Some excite me and some shake me up.
The other day, as we were preparing for a hike, my eyes fell on a packet of m&m’s we had in our refrigerator. I looked at those colourful, tiny, chocolate buttons. They looked so inviting. I picked a blue coloured one and put it into my mouth. Next, I ate a red one followed by one of each colour. Then, I looked at my hand. It had all the colours of all the m&m’s I had eaten. They had left a mark on my hand which obviously was the food colour that had been used to make them bright and colourful. But, they all tasted the same. My philosophical mind was, by then, working overtime. 
Today, a thought pricked me – Do the m&m’s define who I am? I think the answer is a yes. I will explain how. Considering the whole packet of m&m’s to be “me”, the different coloured buttons have been “the different roles” I have played in my life – the role of being a daughter, a student, a employee, a wife, etc. I have donned different hats to cater to everyone’s needs. I have left my mark in every role I have played till now. But, like the candies, my core essence remains the same – my soul is what defines me and gives me the unique flavour of being me. 

I now know who I am and I now feel peaceful.

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge!

16 comments on “Who am I?”

  1. Beautiful. I agree that our soul, or core essence, is the same, regardless of the roles we play. I agree that it's what makes you unique. I love how you saw that in M&Ms. I'm intrigued to read more from you during the Ultimate Blog Challenge :).

  2. Interesting take…. I like how you think! I don't know if I've ever heard someone use M&Ms as an analogy for the Self, but it totally makes sense the way you portray it here.~Sunfirevisiting via UBC July '13

  3. Well, you think it defines you but if you think it in other way then it also defines all of us. We all are different but still the same, the human being.But its amazing that sometimes small things from our daily life says something to us.

  4. Wow, I wish I could also be so in touch with myself and understand myself better. For some strange reason, your words have struck a chord somewhere. They sound even better than everything else 🙂

  5. Thankoos thankoos 🙂 I spend a lot of time with myself nowadays because I chose to do so, not that I had any other option. So, I now spend time with I, me and myself more. Also, I spend more time with all the inanimate things I can find at home. So, I guess I have become more philosophical.On a serious note, I probably am learning to live in peace with myself. 🙂

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