Imagine you read an awesome quote, or laugh at a hilarious joke or see a breathtakingly beautiful photograph and then you look at the bottom of the post to see who is the person behind it who came up with something this good and all you see is “Anonymous”. How do you feel? Do you even spare a thought for him/her? Now, say the post is viral over the internet and everyone is sharing and resharing (by sharing, I mean Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V here) and liking and commenting on the post and it finally reaches that “Anonymous” person. Does he/she feel bad that he/she didn’t take the credit for what he/she created initially and now even if he/she goes and tells people that he/she is the brain behind it, no body would believe him/her, because, it has changed hands, err, computer screens way too many times that there remains no credibility to his/her claim. 

I pity that “Anonymous” person. My prayers are with you!

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge !

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  1. being anonymous gives you a great power- it takes away the risk of being judged. Maybe if the person hadn't been anonymous in the first place, he wouldn't have let the joke spread. *pauses and wonders why is he blabbering so much?*That joke must be crude or even dirty, that's why he chose to be anonymous.The bastard must be scared of his parents! Hahaahaa!*Starts getting calmer and thinks-abhishek singhal is back in form!**I apologise for having to use bastard. But without it my statement lost its effect*

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