प्यार के एहसास में बह जाते हैं दो दिल,
कभी न कभी सपने में जाते हैं वो मिल,
इस बेदर्द दुनिया के कई रस्मे,
जिनसे कभी कभी वो तोड़ देते हैं अपनी सारी कस्मे।


They get swept away in the essence of love,
Sometimes, they meet in their dreams,
The many norms of this unrelenting world,
Which lead them to break many promises.

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge !


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  1. Two thingss, I have to say -1) These clip-art pics…I never used to find the right ones for my ppts…salutes to you for finding the right ones ;)2)These short lines speak much more than even the one-page posts. And I just can't find the perfect words to praise them 🙂

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