Finally, done with the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It has been good since I have tried to bring variety in my posts which, though, hasn’t got me much audience, it has helped me learn more about myself.
There was a surprise waiting for me when I visited SuKu’s Sukupedia today. She had an award for me. :):) Love you SuKu!

But, she’s given me a task, so am going to do it. I have to write 7 things about myself , so here it goes:
  • I have more sweaters than tops here in Beaverton.
  • I can eat icecreams even if it is freezing cold.
  • I hate drinking water.
  • I love dogs to an extent that I might, one day, open a dog shelter.
  • I weigh myself everyday, three times a day. 😀
  • I watch the same serials again and again and again, even if it is for the “nth” time.
  • I say “Thank You” and “Sorry” out of the blue.

I am also supposed to share this with 15 other bloggers, but I have only 2 new blogger friends now I can share it with. I promise to add more bloggers when I come across new ones in due course. Yes, I am not including the older (err, not by age) bloggers because I have already mentioned how much I love them in my previous posts.

I promise I will add in new blogs as I read more and more in the coming few days.

*As a part of Ultimate Blog Challenge !


8 comments on “Hurray!!”

  1. Woahh!! I got an award, Clap clap clap…. Oh I don't have words to say on my award winning speech but still I want to thank this, that, those, whom etc.Ok, Come'n its not a Film Fare award. :DThanks Poo for sharing it. :)My wife has the same situation like you, she has more sweaters then tops here in Sweden but now she wants tops as sweaters are just unbearable in summers here.And, weighing yourself three times a day…. come'n yaar….. gram gram ka hisaab rakh rahi ho kya?

  2. Congrats. We need to trade, you take drinking water habit and I take weighing yourself part. And dog shelter is a great idea. Great that you are introducing new bloggers to us. Congrats to them too. 🙂

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