Up above in the sky,
Amidst the clouds that sometimes cry,
Like a tiny angel with a sigh,
Oh yes, I finally did fly!
My heart missed a nervous beat,
My mouth let out a very loud bleat,
Yet, I soared very high,
Oh yes, I finally did fly!
Down I came with a smile,
Posed for a shot with some filmi style,
Loved my first ever tandem sky-dive,
Oh yes, I finally did fly!
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32 comments on “Oh yes, I finally did fly!”

  1. Contempt??? R u kidding me? This is such a beautiful piece, straight from the heart. Your poems r getting more exquisite day by day. Keep it going Senior 🙂 Loved it. “Amidst the clouds that sometimes cry” Wow! Such a beautiful comparison for the rain bearing clouds.

  2. Yes. I am again in Pause mode. Actually, I have few things to write on but I am not getting that time in which you write with your heart out loud and when I have some free time I don't feel to write….. So, lets see how soon I scribble something here.

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