Does it happen to you that you see candies everywhere? Simple plain ones, striped ones, the chocolaty ones and the like? Well, it happens to me, all the time nowadays.

Candy Crush is addictive to say the least. But, let me tell you, I wasn’t a fan initially. I preferred the candies in the fridge over the candies on my tablet or my phone or my laptop. But, with so much time on hand and so many gadgets to play with, I succumbed, like many others, to the addiction called β€œCandy Crush Saga”.

The addiction shows – the other day I went to Walmart and saw so many candies in different shapes and sizes and colours and instead of buying them, all I did was ponder about what candies could be mixed so that I can get higher points and move on to the next level. The addiction is so much that I, now, have stopped looking at the candies in the fridge because I can, neither create, nor mix nor destroy them. Sigh!

P.S. Till I find a rehabilitation centre to cure me of my addiction, can you guys help me by sending in some virtual lives and loads of candy luck my way this holiday season? πŸ˜€


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