I have been very irregular on this blog of mine. I have been ignoring this blog for a long time, because, I was busy working on my other blog. But, I am here to make up for the time I haven’t been here. So, I have decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge, 2014!

In the month of April, there are going to be 26 posts on this blog, covering the 26 letters of the English alphabet. I could have gone random for this challenge, but, I decided to go with a theme.

I smile, yet, I hide
A lot of stress inside.
A mile to go before I rest,
Will I pass or fail this test?
See the above snippet? Yes, this is my theme. I am going to write poems – poems that rhyme and are only four-lined, also called as quatrains (Thanks Shail for the info. :)). I am sure it isn’t going to be easy, but, I am going to do it or so I hope. So, join me in this challenge to see if I complete it or hang up my boots before I succeed.
All the best to everyone participating in this challenge. Hopefully, we all will emerge unscathed from this. πŸ˜›


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  1. This will be cool and you will rock. You can also sign up for National Poetry writing month… 30 days 30 poems. You can link the same post to both the sites πŸ™‚

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