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Source: Wikimedia Commons
Why do you follow me everywhere?
Are you not bothered about my welfare?
Did I wish for you?
Why are you stuck like a glue?
Can you please go away?
Can you not make me your prey?
Fear, you are ruining my live-play!
*As a part of NaPoWriMo. #14
*The prompt by NaPoWriMo today was: “Today’s prompt (optional, as always) is a little something I’m calling “Twenty Questions.” The idea is to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question. That’s it! It can be as long or short as you like. The questions can be deep and philosophical (‘what is the meaning of life?’) or routine and practical (‘are you going to eat that?’). Or both!” 
* Live- play = life.
*Also, do visit my friends who are participating in the challenge. You won’t be disappointed.

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