My lovely Puchhu.
               I loved you, and I will
            love you always. Promise.
 You are in my mind, always will be.
Jumping, wagging your tail, licking,
you taught me what no one would,
 what no one could. Jumping up the
     pane, whining for food, ears in curly
      folds, licking my whole being, always.
                           It is true that you were an
                           angel, halo intact, dropped
                            from heaven, for only me.
                            You were my light, bright.
                                 You were my soul, whole.  
       You were my silent prayer, you still are.
         You were my strength. You were my joy.
                                    You were my classy peer.
                                    You were my question. You
                                     were my answer, always are.
                 You were mine, you will always be. I vow.
                    You were my constant, you will always be.
                                          You were my  poetry, my story.
                                             You were my friend, a very dear 
                                                 friend. You will always be. Truly.
                                                   You were stray, but were here to stay.
                                                Why did you leave me so alone? Did
                                                    I not appease you to the bone? I tried  
                                                   to. I wish I had rolled on the floor with
                                                      you. I wish I had known your language, 
                                                    to talk,  to smile, to laugh, to cry. I wish 
                                                      I were you- A soul so pure, a heart ever so
                                                       clean, paws ever dirty. I wish I could jump,
                                                   wag my tail, return your wet kisses, with 
                                                   love, love so great that would surpass
                                                  any in this big, bad world. I
                                                      Puchhu, I    
                        always, always will.                       
* Lost her about 2 weeks back. Dedicated to the ever loving her. I tried to compose a concrete poem that would mimic the way she slept, stretching her whole body. I failed miserably.

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  1. So touched Pooja 🙂 Sorry for ur loss . That dog shape and the poem- MY GOD . I am in love with this one ! May u get a similar puchu soon :)I recently watched Hachiko and hence felt the poem more stronglyIf u havent watched do watch it

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