If I could review this book in one line, I would say I loved it! But, a detailed review does more justice to an author and the readers. So, here is my take on the first book, “Scarlet Revenge” which is a part of a suspense series. 
Ann McGinnis’ “Scarlet Revenge” is a thriller which involves an incredible heroine in the form of Caycee Scarlet, an Intelligent Analyst for the FBI. Scarlet’s induction into FBI helps save a serial killer Omega’s latest victim, which irks not only the serial killer, but, her power licking boss, Wilkes. She manages to rub him the wrong way on the first day of her stint and lands up in a team headed by Agent Gil. Agent Gil proves not only to be her boss, but there is also office romance brewing between him and her. Just when the storm caused by Omega seems to be settling down, there enters The Baseball Bomber, Hicks who manages to woo Scarlet’s heart, or does he? It is the story of Scarlet being torn between Gil and Hicks and in the midst of all this, her mission to find the serial killer, Omega or is it the other way? I am not going into the details of this thriller, it is best to read it in person. It has so many twists and turns that will keep you hooked to it. 
The editing is crisp and flawless. The author has a good hold on the story, characters, and the language. Not once did I find the author to falter. The thriller is fast paced and thoroughly detailed. 
In one sentence, this book is unputdownable. Read it over the weekend with a cup of coffee to give you company and you would have created a perfect little weekend read for yourself and a thoroughly enjoyable one which will keep your heart pulsating. If I have to rate the book, I will give it 4.25 out of 5 stars. The onus now is on the author to keep the magic alive in the second book, “Scarlet Envy”. 
Rating : 4.25 out of 5. 
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