The name of the book “Choices” by Ruchira Khanna has always intrigued me from the time I came across the  book. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to host a guest post by Ruchira, I knew what I wanted to ask. So I asked her:

“They say chances are easy, choices are difficult and you wrote a whole book titled “Choices”. How difficult or easy was it to choose a plot for your book?”

Here is what Ruchira has to say about it:

It was not difficult to choose a plot since I also hail from the community of immigrants in a foreign country ; thus, making a choice was a laborious affair as compared to getting things by luck or chance since everything is law abiding.When you ask an immigrant, he/she will look into the choices he is being offered, and will make his selection accordingly. 

This book talks about the grim situations of handling the basic running of the house when an individual’s passion can no longer sustain a household. What choices are left and the emotions an individual has to dodge in order to keep the house running are portrayed. Eventually, destiny plays an important role and the men in my book, namely Mateo, Albert and Leonardo embrace the choices they make. Needless to say, the women in their lives also a significant role in helping them choose that path.

I talked in brief about Albert and Mateo’s life and their respective choices, but paid close attention to Leonardo and his passions. How destiny took charge of his choices marks the remaining chapters of the book.


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