Source: Wikimedia Commons
This is what I feel when you are around.
I come to you to see my lentils browned,
 I can feel my heart flutter and then noisily pound.
      You sit hissing at me, staring at me with a cold steel heart, dissuading me.
      Every time I am near you, I shudder and pray, hoping not to instantly pee.
I lift your crown, you hiss at me. I stop. You stop.
I fear I will faint, and then to the ground, drop.
I wait in anticipation and I let you cool.
Waiting for you to stop your drool.

Note: A silly attempt at depicting my fear of pressure cookers!


16 comments on “Because fear of pressure cookers is real!”

  1. hahaha…good one!

    I also used to fear the cooker esp after hearing all sorts of terrifying incidents of it bursting etc.

    But then when i realized the pros of it…cooking faster!!
    Keep my fears in the wardrobe when i enter thy kitchen 🙂

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