I asked Sundari : How important and how difficult is it for you, as an author, to write a book with a happy ending? Here is what she had to say and I completely understand what she is saying. 🙂

There’s enough pathos in the real world. I don’t want to add energy to it by talking about those in my books. While there are a lot of positive things happening, not everyone is able to focus on those incidents.

I hope that reading my book will help them think more positively – like there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and ‘happily ever afters’.

Yeah, a happy ending is the USP of my books. While there are conflicts – I still prefer the family kind rather than villains sprouting from nowhere – things get sorted out in the end.

One may ask, “What happens later after a few years? It’s not that problems don’t occur after a happy ending. How can you say it ‘happily ever after’?” I only wish it is so. While problems do occur in life, they always come with solutions. I would rather my characters focused on solutions.

So, I would say that writing a book with a happy ending is the most important for me. It’s not at all difficult as it comes to me naturally.

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