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Sigh! I had never ever thought that I would reach a stage where I would be writing a post with the above title. But, life is never about things that you think will happen. It is about things that, err (*scratching head*), happen.  Philosophy won’t help me post frequently, will it? But, let me make a note of things that force me to be an infrequent blogger.

  1. I blame it on the weather here. No, it doesn’t rain here in San Diego as it used to in Oregon, but, that is the point. I spend more time gardening, tending to my half-dead plants. 😛 Also, the heat from outside is more than enough to warm me up.  I don’t have to depend on my laptop’s fan to warm my lap up. No, don’t ask me why I don’t use a table. I will have to then talk lengthily about my messy table.
  2. Dollar Tree is very close to my place. Now, it is like “Alice in Wonderland” feeling for me. Where else will I get unwanted things for $1 which I then use to make unnecessary crafty things that mess up my  already messed up table.
  3. I am busy stuffing my mouth, err, my stomach with delicious (read junk) food all the time.
  4. I am busy visiting already-visited places and wondering what has changed. Well, the answer is me. O_0
  5. I am also busy posting photos of every food item I eat, every cloud I see, every silly item I find, on Instagram and tagging the photos with unrelated and mindless hashtags. If you are interested (as you can see I am self-promoting), my Instagram username is SillyHappyMess. Find me, ok? 😀
  6. I am busy deleting my junk mail that is being filled with Thanksgiving and Cyber Week deals.
  7. I am being infrequent so that I can avoid writing such nonsensical posts time and again. Looks like it is not helping.
  8. Most importantly, I am baby sitting my parents, and keeping them occupied is not an easy task. 😀

I have more to add to my excuses’ list. But, I will refrain from it for now. Hopefully, I will be more frequent from now on. But, for your own well-being, don’t believe me! (Well, that is, in case someone reads this post.)

NOTE: In case you missed it, look above. No silly, not the roof. Look at my blog title. It is “Being Pooja” now. 🙂


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  1. Looks like you’re living life!!! 😀 I love that you’re gardening, crafting, cooking, and enjoying time with your parents!
    Oh, and love the new look of the blog!! 🙂

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