I knew what to expect from the book when I first started reading it and this book pretty much met my expectations. “The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal” is a Mills & Boon novel by Adite Banerjie. And as all Mills & Boon novels, this one is a mushy story too and if you have a love story, you will remember those mushy moments of your lives too. 🙂

The story is about Krish and Maya. Krish is a handsome, young tycoon who wants to enjoy freedom and not follow the path his dad has chosen for him. Then, there is the beautiful Maya, a landscape designer, who wants to destroy Krish’s father. The villain(in different terms) in the two young lives is KD, Krish’s father. Krish is unaware of Maya’s intentions and wants to strike a deal of marriage with her. Maya finds it as a golden opportunity to ruin KD who destroyed her family. But, can love happen in unexpected situations?

The storyline is Bollywoodish (for want of a better word). Adite’s language usage is brilliant and enjoyable. The editing is crisp. The development of the characters as the story develops is really appreciable.

Coming to the book and how I like it : Well, I like Bollywood and I like romance. This book is a combination of both. Though, at times, I felt there was an “unique story angle” missing in the book. But, Adite wrote this book with the dream of it being made into a Bollywood movie and I think she did justice to her dream. I am happy with the language used in this book. It is something I can relate to as a Bollywood buff. But, I wish it had translations for people who don’t understand the Hindi language. Maybe, this book is meant for the Indian audience, most of who would enjoy the use of Hindi in between.

If I have to rate the book, I would give it a 3.75 out of 5. I would have rated it more if it had an unique twist in the story. But, overall, an enjoyable, easy read!

Rating : 3.75 out of 5


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