Today, I have a puzzle for you to solve:

Once upon a time, there was a banker whose name was Ms. Chopra. She had a secret locker inside her bank that opened only with certain passwords. In this secret locker, Suraj, a casino owner kept his papers that contained the combination locks for his slot machines that helped him keep his slot machines giving out only minimal amount of money to the winners, never exceeding 50,000 rupees. It was a 2 system locker where one primary password remained with Ms. Chopra and the other most important secondary password remained with Suraj.

Days passed by and one day, unfortunately, Ms. Chopra meets with an accident, and slips into coma, leaving only a clue about the primary password. Suraj is in dire need to open the locker since he wants to sell the casino to a wealthy Sheikh and retire in his mansion in his native village. He has only a month of time to sell his casino, failing which the Sheikh will search for a new merchant who wants to sell his casino.

Suraj comes in contact with a petty, but genius hacker by name Baron. Baron not only solves the primary password, but also surprises Suraj by solving the secondary password. Suraj thanks Baron and gives him his due.

But, can you solve the riddle that Baron solved easily?

The riddle that Baron solved is as below:

Raged Amigos – Primary Password

 A Banana Rim Virus – Secondary Password.

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* I am sure you will solve the puzzle in no time. If not, the answer will be out in the next post! Have fun solving it. The hint is all over the place. 😉

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