Dear mind,

How are you? I know it sounds very stupid to be asking you this question, since you are there with me, in me, every microsecond of my life. You are a part of me, though I, sometimes, wonder if you belong somewhere else. Sometimes,  I feel I don’t know you at all. Remember, how confusing you can get. Don’t even get me started on how you feed on fears and blow them out of proportions. There is one part of you that I like, when you act all rational, but, it rarely happens. Why?

Also, I get irritated with you when you listen to others and act against your own principles. Don’t you know that you need to listen to yourself and not what others say? Don’t you know that you are the best judge of your situations? Don’t you know that you know what is right and what is wrong? Don’t you know that you are not weak to get influenced by others and harm yourself or others?

If there is anything that is the most uncertain in this world, it is you – you are the homeland of uncertainty! I wish you grow up soon. I wish you come to decisions – the right ones, soon. I wish you learn to decide for the betterment of you and others. I wish you learn to forego your fears. I wish you learn to listen to yourself, and not others. I wish you learn how to lead a life.

Most importantly, I wish you learn how to remain at peace!!

With loads of love,

Your own self.

Why is it that our mind wavers like an untied monkey? What goes on in the minds of innocent youths who take up terrorism? Do their minds give them conflicting personalities? If you want to know more, you might be interested in reading the book, Ri- Homeland Of Uncertainity by Paulami Duttagupta. For more information, visit The Book Club’s Spotlight of the book here.

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Note : The answers for the puzzle mentioned in the spotlight for God Is A Gamer are:

Raged Amigos – Primary Password : God Is A Gamer

A Banana Rim Virus – Secondary Password : Ravi Subramanian.

(Solutions were anagrams.)

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