I like reading short stories. They don’t take much time, they are a great source of entertainment and they don’t put a strain on my eyes even though I read them on Kindle. I also love “love stories”. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy. So, it was apt for me to take up this book for review because it is a combination of my love for two things.

After having penned down romantic novels, Sundari delves into the genre of short stories, keeping her love for romantic stories intact even in this anthology of short stories. This book is an anthology of 13 romantic stories, each dealing with stories ranging from matrimonial match-making websites love to mythological love.

The thing with the love stories was that they felt repetitive. Most of the stories in the anthology felt like the serials or movies I watched on TV while growing up. I felt I had seen it all before. Probably, I watched a lot of TV then and hence found a lot of similarities. 😀 But, I can’t take the fact away from Sundari that she is a very good writer. The book is a perfect example of good writing skills. The editing is immaculate. But, I wished the stories had a fresh feel. Sadly, for me, they lacked the uniqueness I was looking for.

The characters in the stories were typical to each story and there was no surprise element as to how the story would end -happily ever-afters (mind you I love happily ever-afters). My favourite of the lot was MadeInHeaven.Com because that is how my husband and I met, through a matrimonial website. It brought about a series of memories.

I just wish the book had something fresh, something atypical, something I wasn’t expecting it to be. But, writing-wise, it is a well written book. It took me one sitting to finish the book and I ended up feeling warm and fuzzy and in tune with the coming Valentine’s Day.

If I have to rate the book, I would give it a 3.25 out of 5. I hope to read more of Sundari’s books, probably in other genres so that her versatility as an author comes to the fore because I feel she can do justice to other genres too, having proved her mettle in romantic stories and novels.

Rating : 3.25 out of 5

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