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Source : Wikimedia Commons


Little speckles in the sky,
Do you want to come down
For a cup of chai?
 Miles away and shining bright,
Do you want to come down
Have a quick bite?
Let us change the scary obvious,
Do you want to come down
Make our lives glorious?
Things can get very fine,
Do you want to come down
Spread your shine?
We die and become stars,
Do you want to come down
Erase our loved ones’ scars?


#Day 2 prompt : “Our (as always, optional) prompt, provided to us by NaPoWriMo participant Carla Jones. Today, I challenge you to take your gaze upward, and write a poem about the stars. You may find inspiration in this website that lists constellations, while also providing information on the myths associated with each one, as well as other salient information. Your poem could be informed by those myths or historical details, by the shapes or names of the constellations, or by childhood memories of seeing them. Any form or style will do.”


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