They say breastfeeding is a good time to bond with the baby. It really is. If you ask me, sometimes, it is┬ápain in the ass, literally in my case. But, there is one thing: it gives you a lot of time to think about random stuff you wouldn’t think of otherwise.

  1. She is hungry, again, for the millionth time?
  2. When will she start eating solid food?
  3. Why can’t the hubby have 2 boobs that feed?
  4. Without teeth, she digs into me like a T-Rex. Imagine when she grows teeth. God bless my soul. I should probably make a will. Oh wait, what is the use of that when I am already bankrupt buying those nursing pads!
  5. Can my milk spoil?
  6. Eeks, what is that smell?
  7. When will she start eating solid food?
  8. Oh my god, she is crying : she hates my milk supply or probably the taste. Oh no, she hates me!
  9. Why does she talk to my boobs? Do they look like eyes to her? Oh my god, are my boobs that creepy?
  10. Oh my god, it is itching where I cannot reach. Damn the itch!
  11. I must taste my milk. Oh, no, gross! Besides, I hate milk!
  12. Why the hell do I have boobs? That too two!
  13. When will she start eating solid food?
  14. I wonder if she can taste the biryani I had yesterday.
  15. Thank God, she’s done. Oh wait, she wants to hang on to the other boob now! And it continues…