By nature, I am a very paranoid person. My husband, on the other hand, is very easy going.

From past few months, I have been taking various pictures of baby girl with varying backgrounds, and have been posting them online (read FB and Instagram). Why do I post them online? Maybe, I want to share them with family and friends, maybe I am showing off my ‘borrowed from Internet’ creativity, or maybe I have the ‘follow the herd’ mentality.  I don’t really know why I post them, though I would like to believe I am sharing her pictures with friends. Another reason might be that baby pictures always bring a smile and might make someone’s day a little brighter after going through mostly negative posts on their timeline. Whatever the reason, I do post a lot of pictures which are restricted to friends. But, a few days after I post the pictures, I turn them all locked, barring it from everyone. Why? I don’t know, I get paranoid.


My husband asks me why do I post them in the first place and then lock them all? Well, I lock them because I read about pictures getting public, being misused for wrong reasons. As to why I post them, I still have no concrete idea. Maybe, I am a sheep, afterall. Sometimes, I force him to lock the pictures of the baby on his timeline too, but he refuses. His theory is : no one is going to bother. There are zillions of baby pictures online. But, I am still scratching my head over why I post the pictures in the first place knowing how paranoid I am about them being leaked.

Now, coming to this blog, I write about all nasty and frustrating stuff babies do, mostly based on my experiences. But, will my baby feel bad when she reads all of this when she grows up? Will she hate me for posting all this? Will my love for her get overshadowed by the silly, trying to be funny baby posts I write? I have no answer. Should I stop posting them? I am so confused and paranoid!

Baby girl, if you are reading your mom’s blog, let me tell you one thing, I post things only to find and spread humor. I love you like no one’s business and most of the posts are exaggerated versions of what you did as a baby/toddler/teenager/adult. Nothing more. Your mom loves you, and can handle and will handle all your baby, toddler, teenager, adult antics as well as she can.

About the photos, I guess I will continue sharing them with friends, and then locking them all when I get paranoid!

Damn you silly brain of mine! You confuse me.

What do you guys think you would do? Also, does parenting make you more paranoid?