If you have read my blog ‘Being Pooja!’ (Thoughtless Ramifications…), you know that I mostly write personal musings which are silly, thoughtless and to a large extent, pointless.

You must now be wondering why this new blog when I already have one and on which I now hardly post. Well, there is a reason. There is always a reason, isn’t it? Being Pooja! is for random musings whereas ItsyBitsyMess is mostly going to focus on a few specific things. I said mostly, didn’t I?

By the way, before I forget, I gave birth to a baby girl 2 weeks ago. So yes, I am a brand new momma! That’s why ItsyBitsyMess. It is going to be a momma blog after all. It is going to have baby musings – pregnancy and parenthood, DIYs and crafts, and the like : mostly non-nonsensical stuff unlike what you would find on Being Pooja!

ItsyBitsyMess is going to center around ourĀ little pumpkin and my evolution as a new momma.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog!

PS: And then, I merged all the posts into Being Pooja! Sigh, me!!