Every night, after we are done for the day (yeah night is a different story altogether), my husband and I discuss how our baby might have her own Facebook profile in her baby dream world, where she and her baby friends post updates on how their day went by.

We think our baby’s status updates would be like:

  • I peed, again, for the millionth time today. – ? Feeling relieved.
  • I pooped on my mom while she was changing my diaper. – ? Feeling accomplished.
  • My diaper leaked and stained my dadda’s shirt when he was trying to burp me. – ?Feeling funny.
  • My parents put me to sleep and think I am asleep. You know the truth! I am wide awake and about to cry. – ?? Not feeling sleepy.
  • I am currently hanging on my mamma’s boobs, from past two hours. – ? Feeling hungover.
  • I wish my mamma carried different flavored boob juice. I am bored drinking the same thing over and over again. – ? Drinking boob juice.
  • My parents are sleeping, it is playtime. – ? Feeling playful.
  • I am going to keep my parents awake all night. – ? Feeling determined.
  • I am watching mamma and dadda fight over my diaper changing duty. Whoever it is, has lots to look forward to. – ? Watching mamma-dadda fight.
  • It is finally time to sleep. I will be back in 5 minutes. – ✈️ Traveling to dreamland.